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Kichijyoji was voted one of the most desirable places to live in Japan - and for good reason.  It combines convenience, ease of access, and cafe culture - with a Japanese twist.  You can walk through the semi-enclosed shopping arcades, search for interesting products at one of the numerous kitchen stores, gourmet grocery stores, second hand clothing shops, tea shops, Chinaware shops, etc.  

Kichijyoji doesn't have the overly busy feel to it that Shinjuku or Shibuya does, yet you will find it has almost everything you need.

You can access Kichijyoji via limousine bus from either Haneda or Narita airport, via the Japan Rail Chuo Line, or via the Keio Inokashira line.

Kichijyoji has:
  • A famous park with a lake.
  • A Don Quixote discount store
  • Marui Department store
  • At least 3 Kaldi Coffee Farm stores (Stores specializing in coffee and foreign food products)
  • At least 5 Starbucks' Coffee shops
  • Many other cafes (Tully's Coffee, Friend's Cafe, Dorama Cafe, etc.)
  • Many desert shops.
  • An area with many brand name clothing shops including Armani Express, Nike, Zara, etc.
  • Many, many restaurants and desert shops.
  • Many shops specializing in kitchen ware, China ware, Tea, etc.
  • At least 2 Uniqlo shops
  • Many fresh vegetable and second hand clothing shops.
  • A retro sneaker shop.
  • Several 100 yen shops (dollar stores).
  • Electronics Stores: Yodobashi Camera, Labi, and Janpara.
  • etc.
Kichijyoji does not have:
  • Any tropical fish stores (Check Shinjuku if in need).
  • A Tokyu Hands, Shimachu or other DIY/Home Improvement store (You can try Seiyu for paint, etc.)
  • An official Apple store (Though it does have a Mac specialty shop).
  • BIC Camera or Sofmap.

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