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Odaiba is interesting because it offers both beach fun and shopping.  There are several malls with all sorts of shopping and restaurants, including "Decks", which also has a Chinatown themed floor.    Sega Joypolis is also in the vicinity, and has many types of rides and video games - including an indoor horror attraction with living dolls, and featuring an indoor roller coaster!  

There is also a giant Gundam statue with some moving parts, for those into that sort of thing.

As far as the beach goes, swimming is sometimes prohibited, so it's best to check beforehand if your plans include being deep in the water.  There are jellyfish in the water often-times, but typically the non-stinging type.  Beach-side there are also volleyball courts.  These are used on the weekends for classes, but available for public use most other times.  If you need sports equipment for the beach, there is a store nearby called RealBVoice which sells surfing attire, sunscreen, etc.

Odaiba also features a number of boats which you can ride, including the well known Jicoo, "The Floating Bar".

Odaiba has two main stations, the "Tokyo Heliport" station, and the Yurikamome line.  The easiest thing to do is take the Yamanote line to Shinbashi, and transfer to the Yurikamome Line.


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