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Shibuya has a reputation for being a playground of the young, but many people under-estimate the average age there, assuming it's all teenagers.  In fact, while the crowd is certainly younger than the likes of Kanda, there are many people in their 30s, and even older.  The difference is that most of them are there for shopping in the daytime, or partying at night.  

Shibuya has several relatively famous establishments.  First, directly outside the station there is the Dog statue where people typically wait to meet others, and which is being made into a movie.  Next, the crossing outside the station is one of the busiest places in Japan on the weekends, you can regularly see monster crowds crossing the streets.

Once across the street, you can see the huge Tsutaya Music and Video rental shop, which boasts one of the busiest Starbucks' I have ever seen, cranking out coffee like an assembly line.

There are of course restaurants, but shopping is one of the main attractions.  There is more than one Marui department store, as well as other department stores, and a giant Tokyu Hands store which sells many household goods, do-it-yourself supplies, and novelty items.  Perhaps what Shibuya is most famous for, however, is it's many trendy bars, lounges, and dance clubs in Shibuya, which have a variety of themes and styles.