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Shinbashi, located between Yurakucho and Hamamatsucho, is in many ways a typical Tokyo town.  It is a major transfer point between the JR lines and the Tokyo Metro subway lines, and also for the JR Yurikamome line.

Outside the station, one will find a huge number of small Izakaya and tiny bars.  There are also hostess clubs, fancier restaurants, and more.  There are so many small shops that one could literally go to a different one every night for a very long time.

The crowd is not as young as at some other stations like Shinjuku or Shibuya, with many middle-aged salary-men stopping to drink or pick up some cheap food on the way home.   and The image is not as high brow as Ginza, but much of the cuisine is very good, and it won't usually break the bank either.

Also at near Shinbashi station on opposite sides are two Labi buildings, which sell electronics.  One sells home appliances like Irons and Vacuum cleaners, while the other focuses on computers, cell phones, and other gadgets.  While there is nothing particularly special about these shops, heading to Shinbashi is closer than Akihabara for many people - and more than sufficient for typical needs.