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Toshima-en is a small town near Ikebokuro (In Tokyo) which boasts an amusement park, and hot spring/spa.  This makes it a nice place for vising in the Summer and the Winter as well.

The Amusement Park
The Amusement park has all sorts of water rides and a wave pool, as well as "dry" rides like roller-coasters and such.  Of course you'll also find the typical types of food that amusement parks generally offer.  

The Hot Spring
Next to the amusement park is the hot spring area, which is mainly co-ed.  Inside, there is a large "body" pool with warm water, as well as another smaller pool containing dead sea salts (you can float easily in that one).  Outside, there are two Jacuzzis, a small park, and a sauna.  On the second floor, there is an eating area, massage sections, and a relaxation room for... sleeping.