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Miyajima is one of the more interesting destinations in Western Japan, precisely because it is primarily a destination for Japanese tourists.  Unlike Kyoto, where you will hear Korean, French, and English from the group of people behind you, Miyajima has relatively fewer foreign tourists.  It's still a tourist town, but it has a decidedly different flavor.

Also unique about Miyajima, it's actually a small Island, so you will have to take a ferry boat to get there.  Once you land, you'll see that Miyajima has beaches around the edge, mountains in the middle, and shops in-between.  You can walk along the beach, or ride a rental electric bike if you need a little more speed.  Likewise, you can hike the mountain on foot, or take the cable cars up.  

There are deer around the bottom of the island, and moneys around the lounge at the top of the mountain.  There are lots of great places to eat, and some small temples as well.  Despite being a relatively small island, there are plenty of shops and hotels.